The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society

Tuesday 16 August

at Monkey Barrel, One

Doors open: 23:45
Show starts: 23:55
Approx end time: 02:45, ish

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9-11 Blair St, Edinburgh EH1 1QR

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A crucible in which we will forge comedy’s golden future, and literal GOOD GIG, back for our eleventh Fringe with yet more high-end foolishness, Permitted Heckles and a ludicrous, bountiful plenitude of guests.

"If you catch one late-night variety show, make it this one" - Daily Telegraph
"The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society’s a great night. Comedians all trying this really weird, out-there stuff. I came away from it really inspired" - Harry Hill
"A very good night" - Stewart Lee

Board Members:

"especially" The Telegraph