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Tired of your day-to-day life and its entertainment? Dismayed at not having a leftfield comedy night stuffed to the gills with hilarious invention? Well this might be the night for you (depending on your tastes). Basically, if it’s your sort of thing, you'll love it.

Life-risking comedy from some or all of: John-Luke Roberts*, Thom Tuck, Alexis Dubus, Ben Target§, Bridget Christie, Isy Suttie, Josie Longº, Nadia Kamil¯, Sara Pascoe¡, Steve Pretty¨, Tom Bell, William Andrewsψ, Jonny and the Baptists¥, Joz Norrisø, Eleanor Morton, Elf Lyons, Mawaan Rizwan**, Siân Docksey***, Sophie Duker**** and Shelf*****.

With their powers combined, and special guests added, it promises to be a cabaret of sorts.

If we were to sum it up in one word, it would be “Overambitious”.
If we were to sum it up with a cartoon:
If we were to sum it up in two words: “Overly Ambitious”.
If we were to allow the likes of Chortle's Steve Bennett to have a go, he'd do it in more like 50 words, but possibly that bit more helpfully: "Not just one memorable moment, but dozens of the bastards, all in one night. Kudos to ever-inventive hosts Thom Tuck and John-Luke Roberts for creating the atmosphere where, in one of the night’s many catchphrases, the audience celebrate every act as a failure... but a noble one."

The venue, at least, will be accessible.


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"faintly aloof" The Independent
"especially" The Telegraph
“French” Time Out
"Restrained" Spoonfed
"she just about succeeds" The Scotsman
"Word-dense" The Guardian
"buoyant" The Telegraph
”demographic pleasing” The List
"neurotic, eccentric" The Independent
"Pretty largely uses the trumpet" Chortle
"a butcher" The Sun
"misunderstood" Chortle
"pleasingly ridiculous" The Guardian
"handsome" The Herald
"free Pringles" Three Weeks
"a pervert - but a friendly one" Broadway Baby
"an annoyed trampoline" - The List
"complete with sea shanties" The Wee Review
"gets funnier as she goes along" The Telegraph
"relevant" The Skinny

Next show in 3 weeks:

Tuesday 21 December
at The Phoenix

Doors open: 7pm
Show starts: 7:30pm
Ends approx: 10:30pm
onsale at 12pm on Nov 23rd

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