The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society

Sunday 20 December

at Throgmortons

Doors open: 7pm
Show starts: 7.30pm

Sold out!

27a Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AN

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"The grotto itself comprises its own slick universe, and inside this universe spin countless galaxies." - Anthony Doerr


The Grotto will open at 5pm; the downstairs venue from 7pm.

Thom & Luke will be hosting a Comedy Quiz (Quite Hard) in the bar before the show, 6-7pm. £1 entry per player. Reserve places online for free.

"faintly aloof" The Independent
"especially" The Telegraph
“French” Time Out
"Pretty largely uses the trumpet" Chortle
"handsome" The Herald
"Restrained" Spoonfed